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If you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to a spray tan lately but aren’t sure why you need one, here are the top occasions our customers call us for a spray tan.

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Spray Tanning Tips

Before the Tan

Shower and exfoliate using pH balanced and oil-free products at least 8 hours before tanning. We recommend Vita Liberata Super Fine Skin Polish.


Hair removal (waxing /shaving) should be done at least 24 hours prior to tanning. This allows the protein and amino acids time to rebuild on the skin allowing the tanning agents to develop. For laser hair removal skin must be free of all color. Book your laser hair removal 2 to 3 days before your tan or 8-10 days after your spray tan.

Avoid moisturizing for 24 hours prior to tanning. Even after showering residue can remain on skin and prevent the tanning agent from developing evenly.

On the day of your tan don’t wear any makeup, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions.

During the Tan

Remember the instant color you see is only the guiding bronzer. The tan will develop withinin 8 hours.

Keep your skin completely dry and avoid activities that make you perspire for 6 to 8 hours.

Do not apply cosmetics or skincare products over a developing tan.

After the Tan

Shower a minimum of 8 hours after you have had your tan, to allow for maximum DHA development.

Shower with warm water. Once the water runs clear, use a pH balanced, oil and fragrance-free shower gel. Pat the skin dry.

Do not shave for at least 24 hours and do not wax for at least 7 days to ensure optimal tan results.

Avoid using skincare products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) as they will cause your tan to fade faster.

Moisturize twice daily with a product that doesn’t contain essential oils, such as Vita Liberata Moisture Boost Body Treatment.

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Questions & Answers

Get the answers to some common questions.

General Questions

The spray tanning liquid contains an ingredient called DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). This compound reacts with amino acids in your skin and oxygen in the air, leaving your skin a darker shade. This reaction happens differently depending on your skin tone. Our estheticians will have a range of colours to suit your specific skin.

We sometimes get asked whether spray tans are bad for you. Spray tanning is the easiest way to achieve a healthy, bronzed glow without the risks that come with sun exposure. It eliminates the risk involved with UVB rays and sunbeds, and is completely safe. As part of the consultation, our estheticians will check for allergies to ensure no adverse reaction to the spray tan.

We exclusively use Vita Liberata – Advanced Organic – products which are free of parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern. These vegan-friendly, cruelty free tanning products are fully certified with organic extracts and anti-ageing ingredients.For more information on Vita Liberata please look at vitaliberata.co.uk

Ideally, exfoliate your entire body before a spray tan using an exfoliating glove and a gentle sugar exfoliator. You should do this at least 24 hours prior to the tan. This will aid your tan by giving it an even surface to stick to. Exfoliating also reduces the amount of dead skin cells which can shed and make your tan look patchy.You should also ensure that you have no product on your skin just before the tan. This includes moisturiser, perfume, or other creams and lotions.

Most people wear as little as possible to avoid those pesky, tell-tale tan lines on your body. Our esthetician will provide a disposable thong for you to wear but wear your own if you prefer. If you do wear your own clothing be sure to wear dark colours so the tan doesn’t stain. Many will wear a black thong and go topless for an even tan. But if you feel more comfortable in a bikini, this is also standard practice.

Your spray tanning professional will bring a spray tanning tent with them. This will entirely protect your house from being stained by tan.

Your esthetician will set up their tanning equipment in a convenient location in your home. You will be asked to undress into what you want to wear during the tan. They will provide you with plastic stickers, known as sticky feet, to protect the soles of your feet. They will apply barrier cream to areas which often tan unevenly, such as elbows, nails and ankles.Once you are prepared, your therapist will ask you to stand in the spray tanning tent and show you body poses which allow for the most even tan. They will work through each body part in turn. Be prepared for the spray to be a little cold. When tanning your face, they will ask you to hold your breath and close your eyes.Once your whole body has colour on it, the therapist will allow you some time to stand and dry, so as not to disrupt the tan too early by getting dressed. Making sure the tan is 100% dry after a spray will decrease the risk of patching and uneven colour. Don’t be alarmed if the colour is darker than you want at this stage. It is just because of the guide colour in the tan solution which helps the esthetician ensure the colour is even.

As little as possible! Try to wear dark coloured, floaty clothing and avoid anything tight which could leave rub marks on your fresh tan. Wear flip-flops to avoid rubbing the tan off your feet.

The tanning development process usually takes place over a period of about 8 hours, dependent on the type of tanning formula used. Therefore avoid showering for at least this time. It is best to sleep in your tan if possible. Wash your body in the morning and do not worry if you see a lot of colour going down the drain. This is because you are washing off the spray tan’s guide colour, your skin underneath will still be left beautifully tanned. After showering, use a light moisturiser all over your body. Avoid body oils which can actually speed up the breakdown of your tan.

This depends on the individual’s lifestyle. However, in general, spray tans last for up to 7-10 days with good tan maintenance. This length may be altered depending on how often you shower, go in the pool, exercise etc.

Moisturising after every shower is essential to retain hydration in your skin and keep your tan looking healthy. Be sure to use an oil-free moisturiser, as oil can break down the tan. This also goes for sun cream – use an oil-free option to prolong your tan for longer.Avoid using harsh products in the shower such as alcohol-filled body washes. After showers, try to dab yourself dry rather than rubbing with a towel. Exfoliating frequently is vital to remove dead skin cells from the upper surface of your skin to allow your tan to fade evenly. Try to exfoliate gently about 3-4 days after your spray tan to allow it to look better for longer as it starts to fade. If your tan is looking a little pale you can also top it up with a quick and easy gradual tanning lotion from Vita Liberata, which can see you through until your next professional spray tan.

The short answer is yes! But you have to wait at least 24 hours for the lash adhesive to fully dry. We’d suggest waiting 48 hours, just to be on the safe side. You should mention your lash extensions to your tanning therapist too. Carefully wash your lash extensions after your spray tan, to ensure that no tanning solution is still lingering.It’s also fine to get your lash extensions before your spray tan. But again, you need to allow at least 24 hours before your lash appointment.

Yes, you absolutely can tan through a spray tan. But that also means you can burn! Spray tans provide no UV barriers whatsoever, so your skin is just as vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. Just because you have a gorgeous natural sunkissed tan from your spray tan does not mean that you won’t burn. Be sure to apply a strong SPF to protect your skin.

We generally advise clients to shave/wax 24 hours before their spray tan if possible. This is because shaving exfoliates the skin, which is important preparation for a spray tan. It also means that it will fade your tan faster if done after. This doesn’t mean you can’t shave/wax after a spray tan. To minimise the fading effect, try to use a new razor, as this will drag the skin less and leave more of your tan intact.If you are thinking of laser hair removal, please book this 2-3 days before your tan or 8-10 days after your tan.

We recommend against wearing makeup immediately after your spray tan. The moisture in your makeup – especially foundations and other lotions – can cause your tan to blotch or create an uneven finish. Once you have showered after your tan has developed, you can go back to wearing makeup.

You absolutely must not exercise in the eight hours after your spray tan. This is because the sweat and friction caused by workouts will ruin the beautiful, smooth finish of your tan. Once you have washed off your spray tan, you can go back to exercising as normal. We recommend wearing seamless, breathable workout clothing and moisturising with Vita Liberata Moisture Boost Body Treatment after your post-workout shower.

Tan beautiful offers a luxury and hassle-free spray tanning service in your own home and the full process takes between 30-45 minutes in total. We exclusively use Vita Liberata – Advanced Organic – products which are free of parabens, perfume, alcohol and all chemicals of concern. This vegan-friendly tan is full of certified organic extracts and anti-ageing ingredients.

Health & Pregnancy

The active ingredient in spray tan is DHA, which is a non-toxic chemical that reacts with the outer layer of the skin to create a beautiful glow. It does not enter the bloodstream or penetrate further than this outer layer, therefore there’s no reason not to get a spray tan when pregnant. However, we recommend that clients in their first trimester do not get a spray tan.It’s worth bearing in mind that when you are pregnant, your skin is often more sensitive and therefore more prone to irritation. As a precaution, we also recommended consulting your doctor before getting a spray tan when pregnant.

It is not a problem at all. Just please ensure that you inform our esthetician and we will avoid spraying the breast area as babies have very sensitive skin. This way both mom and baby are happy!

Hormones (where you are in your cycle) or medication may slightly affect the shade of you tan. Rest assured that out professional estheticians will ask all relevant questions during your consultation ensuring you get the best result at all times leaving your looking amazing!


So we can work out how the solution takes to your skin, as this is different for everyone.

So we can monitor your development time.

Choosing the right colour that you are happy with as this maybe different for your wedding day to the colour you normally have.

To work out how many days in advance you will be having your spray tan prior to your big day. We can work out when to book you in to get it perfect. We need to work around your schedule closer to the day!

We can only get the answers to these questions by having a trial.

The most important day of your life, so it has to be perfect! We suggest a trial or two so we can get the colour exactly as you want it.

Bookings, Payments & Cancellations

We currently serve all areas in Northern, Central and Southern Athens. If you are uncertain if we serve your area, please get in touch.

Once you request a booking our technology will match you with an esthetician who is available at that time in your area. Once your booking is confirmed we will also contact you to let you know which esthetician will be arriving and answer any questions that you may have.

All appointment times are available on our Book-A-Tan page. Should you not find a slot for the exact date/time you prefer, please do get in touch and we will do everything possible to ensure we come to you. We can be reached via phone on 210 7258936 or via email customerservice@tanbeautiful.gr

No. Your esthetician will provide everything you need for your spay tan. We pride ourselves on delivering a luxury professional spray tan.

Our spray tans start from Euro 50. See our full spray tan menu for more details and pricing.

Preferably, please book your appointment through our website and pay through the available online options. Alternatively, you can pay by cash or card on the day.

It is totally understandable that last minute things come up! If you can provide us with 24 hours notice then there will be no charge. Should you have booked your appointment through our website and paid, we will ensure that you get a full refund. Less than 24 hour notice of cancellation will incur a 50% cancellation charge. No cancellation, causing a no show on the day or incorrect booking information given by the client causing unnecessary appointment/journey will incur 100% booking change.